Friday, June 25, 2004

2 mission trips and funeral

Where do I start? It has been an interesting two weeks. The mission trip to Handy Camp was incredible. My camper Janie was awesome...she really loves Jesus and hates the devil. What a great week that was. I got back on Saturday night the 19th and had to catch a plane on Sunday the 20th at 8:00am. I got to El Paso by 3:00pm and my dad picked me up. The groups from Peace and Grace got together Sunday night and talked about the trip into Juarez and had some good pizza. Monday we poured concrete and got blown away by a dust storm. Tuesday morning we started putting up the walls and I found out that my grandpa had died earlier that morning. We got all the walls and the roof up and on by Tuesday night. Wednesday morning we did the chicken wire and started on the drywall because the electricity and insallation was already up. Wednesday afternoon, Andy, our foreman, took my dad and I back to El Paso so that we could catch a plane early on Thursday morning back to Wisconsin. I think that they were going to try and get the house finished by Wednesday afternoon. So dad and I left Thursday morning. I get my flip-flops taken away at the airport to get check and got asked a million questions. I must look scary! It was 5:30 in the morning what do you expect? The flight was sister picked us up and the airport and then we drove to Reedsburg for the visitation. Only one of my cousins and Greg were not there. It was so good to see everyone. My brother from CA and my cousin from TX were both on their vacations going through WI so that was great that there were able to be there. The funeral was this morning. It was very sad...but grandpa is much happier now. My cousins kid (she's 3) saw her great-grandpa lying there and said "Grandpa's not sick any more." My other cousins kid was like "I wanna go to heaven too." They know what's up! Grandpa was a firefighter so the Reedsburg Fire Department was there and also he served in WWII and so the VFW Veterans were there and he had a flag on his casket and the gun salute and everything and three of my cousins played taps on their trumpets at the cemetary. It was hard to say goodbye but we know he's with his Father now. Memories of grandpa will always live on. So have a good one and I'll put some pictures up soon of the trips and stuff! God bless you and know that you are loved!

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