Wednesday, April 07, 2004

he's baaaaaack

So, I think the squirel is back. I heard him again this morning. I do not know if he just waits for us to leave and then parties or if he has found a way to come and go. I need to be smarter than that squirel and find out where his little entrance is. I was watching the news and they had a story about squirels in people attics. They said that the Humain Society has a two page waiting list for people to get squirel traps. They said loud music and bad smells will get a squirel out also. Okay, if I were a squirel where would I choose to hide and live? In a tree! DUH! That's where squirels are supposed to live. How fun is it to run through someones soffits and have to duck your head so that you do not hit the 2x4s holding the roof in place. Come on that cannot be fun. But I bet the fun part is torturing the owner of the house...which is exactly what is happening. I guess it would be fun to live in an attic, you can play with all the Christmas decorations and all the old clothes and antiques. But soffits...give me a break. If any one has any advice for me...or any good counselors please let me know.

Okay, so I am off the squirel thing...sort of. This being holy week I should probably write something profound. But the problem is I am not in a profound sort of mood. My head really hurts and I cannot take anything to lessen the pain. I am crabby...probably because of the headache and I'd rather be in bed. But the good news is, Jesus still loves me. Even when I am hard to deal with and don't feel like doing anything. Do any of you ever get in moods like this? I mean I try so hard to just get motivated and the more I try the less I want to do ANYTHING. I am sure it is just a rut. I know that sometimes we have feelings that we cannot really control. The good thing is that our faith is NOT about these feelings. When I feel crummy or in a great mood my faith is still the same. Granted when I feel crummy my faith probably is not growing but at least it is not in shambles. I hope you all understand what I am trying to say. Jeus died and painful death, as a human but as God put all our sins on himself. I have faith that it truly did happen and that I am forgiven. Today I may feel like I am not worth it or like I don't want to do anything but that does not lessen the fact that he still died for me and forgives me. That is one of the most reassuring thing about being a Christian. God is not like some wishy washy friend who likes us one day and hates us the next. He is always crazy about us even when we are not crazy about him or are embarrased to admit that we know him. So I guess maybe I did say something profound. See good things can come out of not so good moods. But the good that does come out of my is only because of God. Remember the sacrifice he made for you. And remember that if you were the only person that needed to be saved, he would have gone through it all just for you. Know that while he was on the cross, you were on his mind. You are loved!