Wednesday, December 10, 2003

So the flu has been going around like crazy and well it finally hit me yesterday. I don't know if I actually had the flu or not but I think I was only awake for like 5 hours on Tuesday. Wednesday was not much better, hacking up a lung and feeling like it would be better if my head just wasn't there! But anyway, thanks to Brett, Jamie, Danny, Kristen, Angie, Greg and Mr. and Mrs. Callies for making our youth Advent Dinner successful. Our spaghetti was delicious...thanks Mrs. Callies. Now for those of you who were to scared of the snow to come and help I need you to bring $3 to help out with the cost of supplies for the spaghetti dinner. I know that in the past you just brought something but since that doesn't work that well, (since most of you didn't even come to enjoy the lovely spaghetti) I am telling you to bring $3 on Saturday when you come to babysit or on Sunday at Bible class or at our awesome dinner and movie night! So anyway, I hope that you are all doing well in school and know that I am here to talk anytime! Take care ya'll!