Tuesday, January 27, 2015

hand lettering

If we're friends on facebook or your follow my page on facebook or you follow me on instagram then you've already seen these. But I wanted to share them here as well.

Valentine's Day is coming up quickly...do you have something for your special someone? I would love to hand letter something for you to give them. A very personal gift that is customized just for you would make anyone smile. No two are exactly alike. My hand lettering posters and gifts are all done completely by hand, there is nothing digital about these. So yes, there might be some smudges or some imperfections but I think that is what makes each piece so unique and special!! I may get into digital side of hand lettering some day but for now I truly enjoy making each piece by hand! Yes, some look very similar because once I create one design I make a copy for myself and trace your request off the original...that is why I am looking forward to getting my lightpad in the mail today or tomorrow!! I've been using my glass coffee table with my phone on the flashlight app to trace my designs but pretty soon I won't have to do that anymore!!

I really started hand lettering last year near the end of March when I was in the homework room with the kids at school. I needed something to keep me busy while sitting in a quiet room so I just started writing scripture passages (and I still do). I loved trying out new fonts and just making things up as I went. I have been keeping busy with the hand lettering and it really took off this past September when I started doing the Arti-Facts. The family edition of the Arti-Facts is my best seller and I've made over 20 in 3.5 months!! I have recently debuted the Wedding Edition and I hope to do more of the baby edition too!! I also love to letter favorite scripture passages for people, song lyrics, favorite locations and anything you can dream up! I love getting away from computer generated everything...because don't you feel like that's the way the world has been going for a while? That is why I love the HAND lettering and using a real pen and paper!! Let me know what I can create for you!!!

Arti-Fact: Wedding Edition with name blocked out for privacy!

Arti-Fact: Grandparents Edition

Arti-Fact: Adoption Edition

Arti-Fact: Family Edition

Thursday, January 22, 2015

and the winner is. ..

Guess what...my computer is not playing nice...so the posts I was hoping to get up this week did not happen. I am posting this from my phone which isn't all its cracked up to be!

Wanted to let you know the winner of the House of Living Stones book giveaway is Erin Brooke. Erin, I will email you and get you in touch with the lovely people at CPH so you can get your own copy of this great book. If you didn't win I encourage you to go grab a copy anyway...honestly its that good!

Monday, January 19, 2015

long distance hug

Do you have kids? Do you live far away from your parents? Why not make this LONG DISTANCE hug to send to your parents from the kids for Valentine's Day. This would also make a great gift for mother's day or Father's day. I first posted this in 2010 when we got to see our parents once or twice a year. Now we live closer so the hugs are real. But I still think this would make a great gift!!

I don't remember where I saw this idea....maybe Family Fun, maybe not.
If you've seen this idea can you point me in the
right direction so I can give the proper credit?

For Valentine's Day I wanted to make something
fun and thoughtful for grandparents.
I saw this idea and knew it would be awesome.
Since we live so far from our families this was right up our alley.

Here's what I did:
I had the kids lie down on butcher paper and stretch out their arms.
Then I traced around their arms...
and a little bit of their body two times.
I cut their arms out of the paper.

I stamped their hands with child-safe ink
(basically that just means it will wash off easily)
onto white paper and cut their hand prints out.

Then I cut out a big heart for each set of arms.
I used double sided tape to attach the hands
to the arms and the heart to the body.
Wrote "I Love you this much" and called it good.