Thursday, October 27, 2016

the world is a book...

"The world is a book and those who don't travel read only a page." - St. Augustine

What a true statement. I have been afforded the privilege of travel many times and over seas a few times as well. I feel my horizon has been broadened and life is richer because of it.

The 10th through 12th graders from the school where I work are being given the privilege of traveling to Europe in the Spring. They are diligently raising money for this once in a lifetime experience...because when again will they be young, impressionable and able to travel? In an effort to support them I am donating $7 from each purchase of this print towards their trip. I want to see their horizons broadened and their minds expanded because of the rich history and culture they will experience.

Please join me in supporting them by purchasing this digital download and hanging it in your own home. If you love to travel this would make a great page for your scrapbook, or to hang on your wall with your travel photos. If you don't travel much but know someone who does this would make a perfect gift for those "who have everything". This would also make a fun coloring page for children to get the sense of the vast world before them while they are still young.

Please head over to my etsy store to purchase this printable!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

pregnancy and infant loss awareness month

We celebrate more commemorative events in October than any other month. October is Black History month, breast cancer awareness month, Pastor appreciation month and many many others.

October is also pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. And I didn't want to let the month go by without saying something about this. I've never know the anguish and heartbreak of losing a child. Those mothers have experienced a grief that I may never understand. After talking with a few mothers who have said goodbye to their babies too soon I have heard more than once that they really want to make sure their babies aren't forgotten. They want people to talk about their precious children and not act like they never existed.

In an effort to honor the memories of those sweet babies who passed away too soon I am offering to write their names on a small card for moms and dads to have a visual remembrance. Along with their name I can write a date. They will also get a "always loved never forgotten" card. I can personalize the inside for you if you'd like. Please send requests to purejoycreative at please include mailing address, what name and date you want written, color preference and if you want a personal message on the card. Please give me one week to get these done. I will accept names until the end of October. Please write "memory card" in the subject line of your email. Thank you for allowing me to help honor these mama's and their babies gone too soon again as I was so honored to do this last year too.

Feel free to share this with anyone!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

two seniors in one day...

Even though I am not currently marketing my photography I am more than happy to have sessions with people. I love that I have a little bit of word of mouth advertising happening for me! In fact, I have photographed more Class of 2017 seniors than any class since moving to Tennessee five years ago! It is so much fun to work with the Seniors...they are so full of life, up for anything and they listen to directions!!! Ha! Which is saying something when you're used to working with 3 and 5 year olds!!

This past weekend I was able to photograph two seniors from different schools at the same location. My friend from church had asked me about photographing her son well before his senior year started. She knew she wanted the photos taken in the fall right before the cotton was going to be harvested. It is almost cotton pickin time so we made sure to make it happen. Eli had a half a day of school last Friday so we met at his grandfather's farm. It was a WARM fall day but we survived and got some great shots.

Another friend heard about us going to the farm for the senior photos and asked if she and her daughter could tag along! I was flattered that they wanted to do so and that they wanted me to take Megan's photos. We had a great time and I am excited for them to see the photos I got.

Tammy and Rebecca I hope you are pleased with these photos of your incredible kiddos!! Here are a few sneak peeks!!